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Season 6, Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4: The Unknown, Conspiracy, The Fugitive, and Orders
April 21, 2014

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Show Notes:

The Republic Forces crew comes back together to review the first arc of season six of Clone Wars. Join Johnathan, Berent, Nathan, Jen, and Jerry as they discuss this highly anticipated set of episodes!

The Republic Forces Radio Network Crew comes back together to review the Netflix exclusive season six of the Clone Wars.  The first arc deals with Order 66 and how the clones have been prepared to become Palpatine's instrument to wipe out the Jedi.  Does it answer all our questions?  Does it fit with what we know, or thought we knew?  Will Jen get her Clone fix?  Listen as Johnathan, Nathan, Berent, Jerry, and Jen review the first four episodes of the "Lost Missions" The Unknown, Conspiracy, The Fugitive, and Orders.

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